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Callie Aigean drove thirty-six hours, carrying thirty-six extra pounds on her plus-sizes frame, staring down her 36th birthday- in less than thirty-six weeks. That’s the day she’s due to make her magical ascension into a full witch and take her place among the elite spellcasting community of Blue Crab Bay. Callie expects a cakewalk until the Source throws her a boulder instead of a buoy. It’s out of the cauldron and into the pyre when Callie learns failure doesn’t mean banishment but instead she will see her whole family stripped of power and exiled.

With the help of her beloved grandpa, Callie’s determined to learn three decades worth of spells and charms in under nine months, but when an attack takes the only family member who believed in her, Callie wants to give up and let her family drown her. Fortunately, she’s got a rambunctious familiar who swears she’s not a puppy and a cast of clever witches to help her succeed. Callie is determined to master the Harkness Hat Trick – crushing her ascension, smiting the killer, and trying not to drown in a cauldron of her own crap.

Will Callie have a magical meltdown, or can she pull up her big witch panties and stop a madman with a maniacal mission before the Frost Moon rises?